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About Me

My mission is to help you live more compassionately. Yoga and veganism and have made my life healthier and happier, and I want the same for you. I hope my blog helps you feel  inspired to give a little more love to yourself, the planet, animals and others! 

Are you wondering what ahimsa is? Here’s a post all about this ancient Sanskrit word. In short, ahimsa means non-violence or compassion, so I’ve blended that word with my first name to create hannahimsa.

Or, maybe you’re wondering who I am? I’m a New Zealander currently based in Europe. I love travel, eating lots of gorgeous plant food, cats and finding hidden gems in thrift stores. I’m currently on a No Spend Year (Sept 2019 – Sept 2020), in order to pay back all my student debt ASAP! You can follow my journey to debt free living here

I’ve created three free downloadable PDFs to thank you for stopping by my blog.  You can check out my Freebies page here

I recommend starting by reading this free chapter of my book Lessons From Veganism. Chapter 3 is calling ‘Healing’, and in it I go through how my relationship with food has changed for the better through veganism.

The second and third freebies are Revamp and Refresh

Revamp is a collection of eight resources that helped me to recover from trauma. All of these resources are either free or inexpensive. They will empower you and help you to improve the way you think, which directly impacts how you feel about yourself and your life at large.

Refresh is a collection of eight healthy habits that I’ve picked up along my journey. Don’t worry, they’re not the usual ones you’ve heard before – we all know we should drink more water. Instead, these habits are lesser known and have seriously improved my life. They’ve helped me reduce stress, be more productive and improve my mood. 

Let's Connect!

The reason I started hannahimsa.com was to create community and share my passion for compassionate lifestyles. I love connecting with like minded individuals, because I am a firm believer that everyone on the planet has something valuable to teach us.

I frequently chat with the lovely people on my mailing list. I sent out one monthly newsletter with personal updates, book recommendations and what’s new on the blog. Interested? I’d love to have you, you can sign up here.

As for social media, my Instagram is @hannahhebo, and my Facebook page is hereIf you’d prefer to get in touch by email, you’re more than welcome to send an email to hello@hannahimsa.com, or use this form.