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If you’ve arrived on this page, chances are you’re wondering what affiliate links are and what it means for you.

Essentially, being an affiliate means that I work with specific companies (such as Amazon), to advertise on my blog. I am given a tracking link, that when a potential buyer clicks through on that link and makes the purchase, and I am given a small percentage of the end cost at no extra cost to the buyer.

No Extra Cost to You

Let me be super clear, if you click through my link, no extra cost will be added to your final price just because I get a kick back. In fact, more often than not you’ll actually get a discount for clicking through my link.

Your Choice

Choosing to click through my link to purchase a product is completely up to you. I would never try to manipulate you into buying something with false statements.

Now if you have any other questions about affiliate links or how to become an affiliate, just let me know I’ll be glad to answer!