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Welcome to my freebies page! Here you’ll find detailed explanations of my four freebies, which are; 

Refresh: Eight Healthy Habits, Revamp: Eight Empowering Resources, Ahimsa Week: 7 Day Self-Care Challenge and Chapter 3 of my book, Lessons From Veganism. You can get all four delivered straight to your inbox. Simply click the link above, check the boxes of the freebies you want, et voila!

Refresh: Eight Healthy Habits

Refresh is a collection of eight healthy habits that I’ve picked up along my journey. Don’t worry, they’re not the usual ones you’ve heard before – we all know we should drink more water. Instead, these habits are lesser known and have seriously improved my life. They’ve helped me reduce stress, be more productive and improve my mood. Interested?

Revamp: Eight Empowering Resources

Revamp is a collection of eight resources that helped me to recover from trauma. All of these resources are either free or inexpensive. They will empower you and help you to improve the way you think, which directly impacts how you feel about yourself and your life at large. Interested?

Ahimsa Week: 7 Day Self-Care Challenge

Having a self-care routine that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle will level up every other area of your life. As the saying goes, ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’. The intention of ‘Ahimsa Week’ is to help you to create a 7 day self-care routine that is tailored to YOUR needs and goals, that you refine over time. My suggestion is to take these next 7 days to see how what you plan out works for you, and then make any changes needed to make this a sustainable part of your life. Learn how I use Ahimsa Week in this blog post. Interested?

Chapter 3 of Lessons From Veganism

I’d love to give you a free chapter of my book, Lessons from Veganism. I’ve chosen to give Chapter 3 away for free, because I received so much positive feedback on it, and I want it to reach as many people as possible. Chapter 3 is calling ‘Healing’, and in it I go through how my relationship with food has changed for the better through veganism. Interested? 

Free Phone Wallpapers

We use our phones daily, so it makes sense to have a motivating quote or a healthy reminder on our screen. Over time I’ve found hundreds of amazing quotes, far too many for me to personally use. I love creating these graphics, so I’ve decided to share them all with you.